Digital Competence at Gowerton

Learners have the right to a good quality education. 

At Gowerton School we try to ensure our pupils are given every opportunity to develop their skills in preparation for the future. One of those skills that we feel is very important is digital competence. By giving the pupils digital skills and the ability to learn through digital means, prepares learners to participate in a rapidly changing world of work. All pupils are encouraged to evaluate their use of digital tools for their effectiveness on the task and their understanding.  

Here at Gowerton we also focus on developing a digital learning continuum for all pupils by working very closely with our cluster primary schools. We aim to provide consistent and advanced digital skills from the age of 3 to 18.  The clusters digital leaders meet at least once a term to collaborate, train and work on projects together. This has already proven advantageous as we have seen amazing advancements of pupils’ skills who are arriving from year 6 each year and it also helps them to transition as they feel confident and more aware. 

Our teachers have an essential role in how this is delivered across the curriculum and they do it very well. They have undergone training and been given time to ensure every pupil has the most effective learning experience. Their role is to implement the DCF within their subject area where they feel it would most enhance the learning of their pupils. Not only this, but they also ensure that skills are progressing and developing as they go through the school journey. 

If you look at almost all job roles in society, they have been changed over the years to improve their efficiency or accuracy with technology, Therefore, increasing and enhancing a pupils’ digital skills can only benefit their learning and development. It doesn’t matter what career path a pupil wants to pursue, there will very likely be elements of digital skills required along the way. From writing and emailing their CV to programming in industry these skills are essential for our pupil’s future to give them the best chance to succeed. So here at Gowerton we are making sure they get them!  

Digital Competence Framework


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