Return to School September 2020 – UPDATED 28/8/20


Information for September

Date Group
Tuesday 1st September                                            STAFF PREP DAY (no pupils)
Wednesday 2nd September Year 7 & 12
Thursday 3rd September Year 7, 10 & 11
Friday 4th September Year 7, 10 & 11
Monday 7th September onwards All pupils in school


Meeting points for Year 7 Wednesday 2nd September.


Year 10 Thursday 3rd September same meeting points as shown in the video above for Year 7.

Year 11 Thursday 3rd September – Attend form rooms.

Year 8 Monday 7th September – You will have all received your timetable, attend lessons for Monday Week 2.

Year 9 Monday 7th September – You will have all received your timetable, attend lessons for Monday Week 2.

Year 12 Induction will take place on Wednesday 2nd September

Year 13 Lessons will start on Monday 7th September


The School Day

The timings of school day remain the same – 8.30am – 3.00pm.

We have changed the internal timings of lessons to accommodate travel time and limit congestion in corridors. One way systems are in operation in most buildings. Pupils will remain in zones during lunchtime and purposely mixing with other year groups is not allowed.

During travel times between lessons pupils can access their snacks/drinks.


Wet Weather Arrangements – In the event of a wet lunch time, pupils will attend the classroom they are timetabled for lesson 4.


School uniform should be worn everyday. We recommend that it is washed daily.

We have been advised in recent guidance that pupils will not be allowed to access the changing rooms in a PE lesson. Pupils will be allowed to wear their school PE kit for the day that they have a timetabled PE lesson.

Canteen / lunch provision-

The Canteen will be closed until Friday 11th September.  Pupils will be required to bring in a packed lunch until it re-opens.

From Monday 14th September the canteen will be open but operating on a limited take away style service. We reiterate our original message of whenever possible, pupils should bring in a packed lunch for the foreseeable future.

eFSM pupils – the system that has been in place during lockdown will continue until Friday 11th September (BACs or food bags).


School buses will be running as normal from September.  Pupils are required to wear a face mask on the bus which parents will need to supply.

DJ Thomas bus – Weekly fare has increased to £17, pupils should have the correct change to pay for their ticket.

Parents dropping off/picking up, will NOT be able to access the school site.


Due to changes in guidance, pupils will now be required to wear face masks in all indoor communal areas which include corridors and the canteen (when it re-opens and when not eating).  Parents should provide face masks and also a small plastic bag in which pupils can store their face mask when not in use.  Face masks are not required in classrooms or outdoor year zones where pupils are within their ‘bubble’.


Letters have been posted to Years 7-11 providing information on the first 2 weeks in September, a letter from our Chair of Governors and your child’s timetable for 2020/2021.

Chrome books

If your child borrowed a chrome book during lockdown could they please return it to the school on their first day back in school in September.




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